Foster Program

Fostering is rewarding                     It is also difficult.  

Very rarely does the 'perfect' dog need fostering.  Most dogs in foster need love and understanding.  They may not know how to follow basic commands, walk on a leash or potty outside.  The good news is that with your care and compassion they can become someone's furever family member.  The requirements of becoming a foster parent for one of our rescue dogs is simple. You must be willing to take a dog into your home and give him or her a safe, loving environment along with some patience and guidance while we search for their forever home.  




Darcy - Founder and President - Traveling 4 Paws

"I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter... the cast-offs of human society.  I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.  And I was angry.

"God," I said, this is terrible!  Why don't you do something?"

"I have done something, " He replied. 

"I created you." (Quote by Jim Willis)


Fostering is an amazing way to share your love for a dog in need.

- Kindal - foster since 2021

Adoption Van 1.jpg

This was my first time fostering a puppy. When we picked up our puppy we fell in love with him immediately. We were ready to give him a happy, loving, and safe home like all dogs deserve. The Traveling 4 Paws rescue crew are amazing and such good people, they truly care about all the dogs, they take care of everything, and they always communicate every step to make sure everything is easy for the foster homes and as well as dog's comfort and safety. I am very grateful that I found the Traveling 4 Paws rescue and I want to thank them for everything!

- Kathy & Family - foster "failure" with Amos, 2021

AMOS Adoption pic.jpg