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Darcy Del Castillo

 Founder & President

Darcy has over 20 years of combined experience as a vet tech, foster, rescuer, shelter manager and evaluator, Animal Control officer, Animal Cruelty task force member, and animal advocate.  She is well known in the Animal Welfare community and has been a rescue resource for many over the years.  Her love of animals sparked her to begin Traveling 4 Paws and continue the endless work of rescuing.


Chelsea Hoeffler
 Board Member & Foster Coordinator

Chelsea has over 4 years of experience as a dog foster and 20+ years experience as a dog momma.  Her passion for rescuing dogs started when she learned about the amount of homeless pups in the streets and the amount of dogs euthanized each year in the shelter.  It is her personal mission to raise awareness about the amazing benefits of fostering! She is well known on Instagram for her animal rescue work and is excited to continue savings dogs in NJ and matching them to their forever homes.

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